Travel Management

Travel Health and Safety
Our comprehensive travel escorting services create a safe environment for our clients and their employees. When travelling in the East African region, we provide travel planning advice services as well as operational assistance; helping organisations with all aspects of travel health and safety; keeping everyone safe wherever they travel.


We focus on security and safety as well as on efficiency and comfort for our clients, when in transit or working outside their usual environment. We implement an advance reconnaissance strategy ahead of the client’s journey to gather and analyse important security and safety relevant information, covering areas such as personal safety, potential risks, airport and location survey, communication, medical emergencies, etc.


Travel Management Planning

Crossbow Risks Solutions will liaise with travel agents, suppliers, partners, the client and their team to ensure the travelling of delegates to East Africa will be a secure and safe experience.


We organise and coordinate transport logistics such as airport and hotel transfers, travel to and from venues, etc. for private persons and organisations travelling anywhere in East Africa.


Travel Safety Advice
We give advice on when and how to best travel across Africa. The advice takes into consideration many issues such as locations, modes of transport, personal safety, climate, weather, terrain, season, etc.

With a constant feed of information from our contacts on the ground, we are able to keep our clients up-to-date on risks associated with the regions they travel to.

Destination briefings
Our team of researchers conduct research on the clients’ destinations, analyse the information and prepare and deliver a security briefing to travelling parties ahead of departure. The main purpose of these briefings is to acquaint the clients with the regions’ political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental indicators that will
enhance the clients’ safety.

Executive protection

Using vetted third-party personal service providers, we organise executive escorting agents, throughout Africa, accompanying government and non-government clients, high-net-worth individuals, senior executives, families and private individuals.

Personal escorts

Depending on the context we will be able to use vetted third-party personnel providers, we ensure highly trained and qualified specialists under each need.

Travel Medical Services Coverage

We have established a vast network of qualified and well experienced medics. Depending on the nature of your trip, we are ready to station a doctor, a nurse, emergency medical technicians or a First Aiders into your travel itinerary. We organise emergency medical coverage for adventure activities, i.e. mountain climbing, bike racing, safaris and sports events.


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