Training - Awareness Training for Corporate & Government Agencies

People are the greatest assets to any organisation, yet at the same time, they also represent the greatest risk through threats from contemporary attackers.
Personal safety is paramount in every aspect of life. With a surge in violent crime, anti-social behaviour and racial and sexual harassment, it is important to be aware of the potential dangers that we face in our everyday lives.

When travelling or working in regions of civil disorder, there are the additional threats of religious or ethnic tensions, political instability and terrorism. Therefore, people should be adequately equipped with basic life skills that will help them being more aware.


Our role is to facilitate the necessary learning and behavioural shifts that enable people to take greater responsibility for their own security and in so doing, also protect the interests of their business or the business they represent.

The courses developed and delivered by Crossbow Risks Solutions deal with the care of duty all organisations have to their employees.

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Travel health & safety awareness

This workshop provides practical advice on travel health & safety awareness. It includes pre-trip planning, travel risk assessments, retaining complete focus when in unfamiliar environments, journey planning between various destinations, safety within the hotel setting and how to safely evacuate from a confined space or building in the event of a shooting or terrorist attack. An important part of travel safety is medical and health awareness, where we focus on prevention of diseases (e.g. malaria) and also on dealing with First Aid and Basic Life Support skills in the event of a medical emergency in remote areas that lack suitable emergency and medical facilities.

Awareness Life Skills training

Our Awareness Life Skills are a set of skills and behaviours that a person possesses and is able to use appropriately and responsibly, in order to manage their own personal affairs and react to problems and situations that they may encounter in their day-to-day life.

Awareness Life Skills can help a person to live successfully in the world of today. They can be acquired by teaching and training or through direct personal experience.

Active/Shooter Attacker Incident

In recent years, the number of active attacker incidents has risen dramatically worldwide. What characterizes this type of attacks is that they are virtually unpredictable and that they unfold rapidly. The attackers usually continue to spread throughout the area; killing a maximum number of people, until they are killed or take their own lives.
Our active attacker incident workshop aims to equip each participant with the personal awareness and a survival mindset that will increase their chances of surviving an active attacker incident. Everyone who could be caught up or visit crowded areas, who travels and spends time in hotels and who is interested in improving their personal safety.

Kidnapping Risk Reduction

Kidnap for ransom is a very real threat in many parts of the world. It is sometimes motivated by ideology; however, in many countries, kidnapping represents a relatively easy and quick way to obtain large amounts of money.

Just the colour of your skin may make you stand out as a potential victim. Companies therefore have a duty of care to their travelling and expatriate employees. Participants on this workshop are given an insight into the various motivations for kidnapping, practical techniques on how to avoid a kidnap situation and advice on how to act if kidnapped.

Occupational health and safety

This course is tailored to the industry of the client. It concentrates on accidents at the workplace, occupational diseases and conditions and on how to avoid or minimize them.

Three sub-courses are offered namely:


  1. First Aid:
    1. First Aid awareness course / emergency aid.
    2. Occupational First Aid
  2. Fire safety awareness:
    This basic firefighting course enables the participants to understand the chemistry of fire, prevent man-made fire incidents and extinguish light fires.
  3. Crisis management / Health and safety manager course
    These two courses are tailored for individuals who hold management positions; particularly in safety. Subjects are context analysis, risk analysis and mitigation and crisis management.


Comprehensive First Aid course
This is a comprehensive First Aid course taking into consideration the general security situation, climate and other environmental hostilities, mechanism of injuries and nature of illnesses. The course teaches how to render emergency medical aid, when the safety of the care-giver is not guaranteed and with limited resources.

Local security guards training

Local security guards are usually the first line of defence. Unfortunately, however, they are often poorly trained and lack adequate equipment.

Furthermore, loyalty to the job, the employer and the client may be compromised due to low salaries, poor employment conditions and lack of motivational impulses by their employers.

With our experience and knowledge of local security markets, we will assess our client’s local security guard team in context with the premises to guard and develop adequate training for the security guards. In the past, this has been proven to be highly motivational and has increased loyalty and job dedication.

We work with a Swiss partner company that is certified in adult-education. All participants will receive a recognised certificate at the end of the training.

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