Risk Management

Risk Management Consulting
Whitecross Solutions provides risk consulting services to governmental and nongovernmental clients. Our services include the design, implementation and management of comprehensive risk mitigation solutions.
We are experiences in permissible, semi-permissible and non-permissible environments;
Offering our clients a service that is designed for their specific requirements.
We conduct in-depth security surveys and vulnerability assessments, identify liabilities and recommend measures that will ensure the security and safety of properties, human assets, assets, information and reputation. We will then suggest an integrated system and procedures to align with tried and tested security tools.

Embedded Consultants
We can provide you with a dedicated embedded consultant at management level to oversee your risk management setup. We will analyse your specific security requirements and operation and then establish plans, structures, policies and procedures for all levels;

From management to operational staff. We will work with the management team to make sure all security and crisis management and training needs are fulfilled.
Our capable team of experienced officers in the field of safety and security conduct compound assessments, upon request. The surveys will show the client their safety and security strengths and weakness. A comprehensive report is submitted to the client after the survey. The report includes graphical evidence of the collected data and recommendations.

Security Background checks
Our team of experienced investigators conduct background checks on behalf of our clients. The purpose of these checks is to verify the history of a prospective employee before he/she may be hired and identify if there are any criminal offences. Checks can also be done on possible contractors; i.e. security guarding companies and other service providers with
access to the clients’ compound and premises.

Event Emergency Medical Services Coverage
We have established a vast network of qualified and well experienced medics. We organise ambulance coverage during events. Depending on the nature of event, we are ready to station a doctor, a nurse, emergency medical technicians and First Aiders for the duration of the event. We also organise emergency medical coverage for adventure activities, i.e. mountain climbing, bike racing, sports events and leisure picnics.

Advance Reconnaissance
Our advance reconnaissance missions are executed by protection specialist who will travel ahead of the client, survey the locations to be visited and gather necessary security and safety information. The mission will cover areas such as personal safety, potential problem areas, airport survey, transportation and ground route survey, lodging survey, communications, legal or customs issues, medical care, police stations, cultural information, political climate, impending strikes that may impede transportation, etc.
At the client’s request, we can coordinate in-country security teams during international operations.

Executive protection
Using vetted third-party security providers, we organise executive security & close protection agents, throughout Africa, accompanying government and non-government clients, high-net-worth individuals, senior executives, families and private individuals.

Security escorts
Depending on the context and threat, there may be a need for either armed or unarmed security escorts. Using vetted third-party security providers, we ensure highly trained and qualified specialists. We can offer armed and unarmed security services.

Business enablers
From a business perspective, we can operate on the ground as business enablers, assisting you with all phases of the business, from start-up to sustainment and ongoing management.
We do this through an established network of local contacts with local and regional knowledge.

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