Life Skills

Life skills for youngsters

All parents want to give their children the right tools to navigate through life in a world that is becoming ever more challenging. This becomes even more important when they are coming to an age where they enjoy more freedom to explore and venture into their ever-extending surroundings.

We offer Life Skills workshop to schools, recreational activity clubs and on the request of private individuals

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Our age-appropriate Life Skills workshops are designed to empower kids through building self-esteem, awareness and assertiveness skills and physical self-defense techniques. The Life Skills workshops will show them the importance of trusting their instincts and how develop critical thinking skills, to understand fear, cultivate assertiveness and not hesitate to protect themselves.


The key is to make the kids commit to participating in their own safety, to do what is necessary to reduce risks and to become empowered to act instead of becoming a victim.



I am my Bodyguard

An interactive, interesting and fun Awareness Life Skills course designed specifically for young children to protect themselves against sexually motivated crime.

White Cross Solutions offers this workshop in partnership with Innocence in Danger, an international non-profit organization fighting against all forms of sexual abuse of children.

Appropriate age groups:
6 to 10 years



Course content includes:

  • Assertiveness
  • Use of voice
  • Body language
  • Personal space
  • Circle of trust
  • Good touch, bad touch
  • Good secrets, bad secrets
  • Simple self-defense techniques


Escape the Wolf – for Teenagers 10-14

A personal safety and awareness Life Skills workshop for teenagers make them aware of the dangers they face in today‘s world.

Appropriate age groups:
10 to 14 years

Course content includes:

  • Build and expand awareness
  • Body language to reduce risk
  • Elevate self confidence
  • Learn avoidance & escape techniques


  • Self-realisation of personal power
  • Attackers and attack rituals
  • Control and harness the power of our adrenal response
  • … And more…


Streetwise – for Teenagers 14 – 18

A personal safety and awareness Life Skills workshop for teenagers and young adults to make them aware of the dangers they face in today‘s world.

Who should attend?
This course is suitable for teenagers who are experiencing an increase in personal freedom enabling them to explore their environment.

Appropriate age groups:
14 to 16 year olds
16 year olds and older

Course content includes:

  • Random Youth Violence


  • Date Rape
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Drink Driving
  • Bullying
  • Street Robbery
  • Personal Security Awareness


Fight like a Girl! – Life Skills for Women

Female personal safety awareness and self-defence workshop.
All women possess the powerful instinct and capacity for self–protection.

It’s time you rediscovered it!

An experiential workshop, providing training in personal safety and awareness. Essential Life Skills for women of all ages to empower mental and physical skills for effective self-defence.

Who should attend?
All women and teenage girls from the age of 16 years




Course content includes:

  • Avoidance and awareness
  • Attackers and attack rituals
  • Fear control
  • Understanding the criminal mind-set
  • Reading body language before conflict
  • Physiological & psychological effects of adrenalin dump
  • Verbal de-escalation skills
  • Self-defence and the law
  • Practical modules
  • Fight like a girl – Simple, instinctive and effective self-defence techniques
  • Rape escape tactics
  • The Fence – protecting your personal space
  • Escape techniques


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