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Solid Professional Knowledge and vast International Experience

At Crossbow Risks Solutions, we strive to offer our clients the highest
quality, bespoke solutions to satisfy their individual requirements.
We do this with a ‘can do’-attitude, solid professional knowledge
and vast international experience. We pride ourselves with the
highest standard of commitment to act with honesty and integrity
without compromising the level of services we offer.

Our Clients

We specialize in providing dedicated services to governments, non-governmental organisations(NGOs), educational institutions, businesses and private individuals.

Active Attacker Incident

In recent years, the number of active attacker incidents has risen
dramatically worldwide. What characterizes this type of attacks is that
they are virtually unpredictable and that they unfold rapidly. The attackers
usually continue to spread throughout the area; killing a maximum
number of people, until they are killed or take their own lives.
Our active attacker incident workshop aims to equip each participant
with the personal awareness and a survival mindset that will increase
their chances of surviving an active attacker incident.

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